Friday, October 21, 2011

14 weeks & the zoo

I'm 14 weeks this week! I'm still feeling pretty good, but have had a nasty cold/cough

thats kicking my butt!

I haven't gained any weight this far and I continue to have no morning sickness!

I have an appetite but try to keep it somewhat healthy. I do strongly believe

that you should indulge during pergnancy tho!

I have felt baby move a few times already! Just the little flutters, but it excites me so much. I started to feel it just around 13 weeks, it seems early but I'm sure that was it!

Here I am this week at 14 weeks, next week I will include a comparison picture from

my pregnancy with L, I didn't even start until 15 weeks!

Despite the craziness of my life I am REALLY going to try and post a bit more regularly

to document things just as well for ducky as I did for L.

Dear Ducky, Mommy loves you so much already. From the moment I knew you were coming I knoew you would make our lives so much richer. You have an amazing big brother who is already so excited to meet you! We can't wait till Spring until we get to find out if your a brother or a sister, Daddy and L think your a girl, mommy really isn't sure these days! Please stay strong and safe in there! May God Bless you sweet baby, xoxox Mama

And nw the zoo! In Septmeber *I think* while it was still warm we made it to the zoo!

We decided to buy a membership so I hope we make it again very soon!

Mr. Logan still has the capability of sleeping anywhere! Just like his mama!

My boys! I love them so much!
Mama's boy, we were waiting for the Polar Bears, but I think it was too warm for them!


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