Friday, October 14, 2011

2nd trimester!

Do you see that sweet smile!? God I love this boy.
He is the highlight of every day.
He's talking so much now, we can have real conversations which is fun!
Except he's been telling some stories! When you ask him who made the mess in his
playroom (as you can see above!) he says it was daddy or the kitty! Stinker.
He's a lot of fun these days, and just a joy.
Of course we have trying moments, but for the most part he is very well behaved.
I am officially in my 2nd trimester today! So I guess its time I shared some details....
I found out I was pregnant in early August, I have a few early posts I wrote and saved that I will put up soon, I wanted to have records of notes to this baby like I did L.
After a few early scares and repeared ultrasounds (I had a cyst as I did with Logan). We saw that
all was well and we had another little one on the way!
The day after I found out I had Logan bring Les a new book to read it was titled
"I'm a big brother!" Les was surprised and very excited!
I have been tired, but remember I am working close to full time hours, in school and a mama of a very active 2 year old. My mom and Les have been huge helps!
Other then fatigue I have been feeling pretty good, some heartburn and occasional nausea, but NOTHING like when I was pregnant last time! I'm not complaining trust me!
My due date is April 17th, my stats final is April 18th, haha its ok you can laugh.
I'm just trusting it will all work out, I am going to talk to the professor and see when teh earliest date I can write is, and cross my fingers that baby stays in and my blood pressure stays down until after that date! GO ahead, say it, I'm crazy....
As with Logan, we are team green, for now I'm referring to baby as ducky, since when I ask L what's in mommy's belly he says its a ducky in there! He may be dissapointed come spring!
Have you heard you show earlier with your second!?...
This is me at 12 weeks 1 day
Here I am at 13 weeks 3 days!
I haven't gained any weight but I've defintely got a bump!

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Laney said...

You look great! I am glad your feeling well & yeah 2nd time around is harder & you show earlier but the outcome the same, so much joy :)