Friday, December 19, 2008

Beta #1

The Doctor called yesterday & I got my 1st Beta back, it was good I think it was 164 or something, I was just so excited I didn't pay that much attention. I am getting it repeated Monday morning, he said I will have the results Wednesday morning, just in time for Christmas! I also decided to call my regular GYN office & tell them I was PG to see if I could arrange an appointment. Hey said I needed a referral but once I mentioned I am a floor nurse & also work with my Doctor they were very nice & got me my appt for January 20th!! Yay! I am a little anxious as it happens to be at the hospital where I work, but oh well beggers can't be choosers. I really do not want anyone from work to find out until well into my 2nd trimester.
Yesterday we went out Christmas shopping and had fun owwing and awwing over all the sweet little baby things. I even went to Kohl's and bought some summer maernity clothes clearing for like $2 a peice. I needed to buy a new bra already!! The whole double boob appearance was not very flattering at all! My mom called me last night upset because she thinks I am upset about not gettign PG fast LMAO!! I felt a little bad that she is so stressed about it when I am keeping this secret! It will be worth it for her to find out Christmas Day anyways!
I am feelign good these last 2 days, Wednesday was brutal tho!! My sis was out shoppign with me & I was constantly fighting nausea, it was awful. I just blamed it on AF so I dont' think she suspects anything.
Dear Baby Bear, mommy & daddy are so excited about you! Everyday that goes by it becomes more & more real that you are coming. We pray everyday for your health & safety, and give thnaks to God for blessing us with you. Keep growing big & strong, and when summer comes we will finally get to meet you. Daddy thinks your a girl, I have no idea, but really we don't care we just want you! Love you lots!

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