Thursday, December 11, 2008

2 week wait

This has definetly been the easiest 2ww yet! I think that possibly my broken rib could have something to do with that. I am assuming I am 9dpo, which only gives me 5 more to wait and since I work 2 of this days & have 2 parties, one at my house & have 11 DOZEN cookies to bake, it shouldn't be too bad.
No phantom symptoms yet, except the cravings, but I'm an odd ball and often have cravings for all sorts of things! I expect af Tuesday but not sure if I will test that morning or wait till Wednesday afternoon as I work nights Tuesday. Between tomorrow & then I must resist the urge to poas!
I find I am becoming increasingly obsessed with all things baby! I love looking at baby bedding & imagining how I will decorate our little bears nursery, or wandering thru the baby depratment, ohing and awwing over sweet little outfits! Oh then of course there is my bumping, which DH thinks is totally out of control, but I could say similar things about his addiction to video games! ANd now this blogging, I becoem completely enthraled with other peoples ttc journeys, I love reading their experiences and feeling like there are people so much liek me out there. By the time we actually do get PG this could get completely out of control! LOL
For now I suppose I can go on happily with my little life & my big baby dreams!


k said...

You've been tagged by cbusgirl! (See my blog!)

Ron and Aimee said...

I just wanted to say good luck with your 2ww! I got pregnant right after the only 2ww where I wasn't obsessing every day - fall semester of grad school had resumed and I was so busy I didn't have time to worry! I didn't have any symptoms either - somewhere around 14dpo, I was driving home and took the wrong exit and drove for about 10 minutes before I realized. Pregnancy brain had hit and at that moment I thought, could I be pregnant?? Went home, took a test and I was! Anyways, that was a long comment to say good luck! :)

k said...

I am totally obsessed too! Seems that people get their BFPs when they aren't thinking about that. I'd say that's our goal for the immediate future! :)