Friday, December 5, 2008


I am feeling so down today. I was "due" to O this past week based on my 28 day cycle. Of course I Was on nights all week, my temp indicated nothing. I was so hopeful that I would see something....
I think I am so upset about this because I just want to know that I am OK, that I am Oing...with my endo and the question of PCOS I am so nervous that this won't happen for me. It leaves me with either I haven't O'd yet, I did O and it wasn't detected or for some reason I am not Oing at all. Now I am in a major limbo, its like a 2ww but worse. I will keep temping and hope to see a rise and keep BDing everyother day just to be safe.
DH is not cncerned at all. He thinks its too early to worry, that we shoudl jsut relax about everything for a few months and let things happen on their own. I get his view, however with my history feel like I should be more proactive. After we get beack from the Phillipines if I am not pregnant I think I will look into OPKs or a monitor. If I am not pregnant by April I am going to ask for soem tests to be done. My mother & my sister both got pregnant when consciously trying NOT to, I was hoping I would have some of their genes in me....perhaps not.

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