Friday, March 26, 2010

8 months!

(its getting much much more difficult to take your photo! Now taht you are moving you don't want to sit still!)

Logan you are 8 months old !!

(well you WERE on the 24th, but we were on vacation so this is late)

You are just growing too quickly!

You weigh around 18 lbs and you are 28 inches long.

You still wear size 3 diaper.

You are wearing 6-9 and 9-12 month clothing.

You are so close to crawling, you army crawl everywhere! You are into everything already!

You are such a happy and good natured baby!

You are a great little eater, we haven't found something you don't like yet! You eat all table food and only let us feed you cereal and yogurt at breakfast.

You are so social, you loving being at and about and seeing other kids.

While we were on vacation you started clapping when we say "yay!" and you mastered the pincher grasp.

You have been on a 20 hr car ride and you did SO good! We brought you to Disney World and to see the Ocean, we want to show you the world little man.

You are still not sleeping very well, you wake to nurse a few times a night still. You like to sleep with mommy and daddy. We didn't think we would every do this, but we just loving having you between us.

You still take your "guk", or pacifier a lot when you are tired and for bed.

You love the water! Both swimming in the big pool and bath time, you splash and crawl around!

We love you so much Logan, and we are really enjoying watching you grow. We miss you being a small baby but know that we are going to have wonderful moments with you as you grow.

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Mitzi G.!! said...

He is getting so big!!