Thursday, January 6, 2011


I feel like I am always saying this, but we are busy! Logan is so much fun these days!
He is developing quite the little personality, he loves to make us laugh,
and is such a little ham!
Things are good on the home front, the organized (somewhat) chaos of everyday life. I *think I have made soem school/career decisions and I have applications in the works. I will share more once I have confirmation of acceptance or any other news!

Here is Logan being a little monkey, he loves playing with stickers and putting them all over his face! He thinks he is hilarious! He got very upset with me when I made him take them off before we went out for the day.
Here he is with 2 "gucks" as we call them. I decided to start trying to wean him from the paci, oh boy does he love his paci! I try to limit it to bed & in the car but when he's not feeling well, which is often I let him have it in between. Well I noticed when I limit his time with it he starts sucking his thumb, and with the cold and his (suspected) eczema he now has a very raw cracked bleeding thumb. And so, he got the guck back, with no limits. We will tackle that battle at a further date!

I am not sure how much i have talked about Logan's breathing issues on here. But we have been struggle with a cough and runny nose as well as sneezing for 9 months. I am exhausted. He coughs so hard that he vomits several times a week (twice today already). I suspect asthma/allergies. We have been treating him with meds as it were this but at my request (insistence) we are going for allergy testing. The referal was sent November 24th, the appointment we got was for June 30th! I am serious. How awful is that! Thank God that he sent a friend to intervene, who knows someone in the office and made a call. We are going TOMORROW! I can't wait to get some answers!!

On a very sad note, Les' "Tatay" (Grandpa) passed away this morning in the Philippines. He woudl have been 98 in March. He had been sick since New Years Eve when he had a heart attack, he was ready to go to Heaven and be reunited with his wife.
Les' parents are on their way to the Philippines now for the funeral. We are not going, we will be holding a mass in his honour next week, and just spending some family time together. Les & his grandfather were very close, he lived with them thru Les' childhood. Please keep his family in your prayers. I am so thankful that we made a trip to the Philippines 2 years ago and visited him. What a wonderful memory, I was just pregnant in this photo and he was so excited to hear that news!

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