Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Allergist update & Big changes!

The allergist appointment went very well, and there is good news for this fur baby above! Logan has NO allergies, including cats! We were very relieved to find this out!
The doctor thinks that most of Logan's troubles are related to post nasal drip. His nose is the problem! So we are doign sinus rinses daily (he is actually doing really really well with this) as well as Nasonex spray twice daily. We will see, hopefully this helps a lot!

Logan will be 18 months later this month and I just can't believe the changes we are seeing in him all of a sudden! He is really acting like a boy these days!
He is talking more and he understands everything we tell him. He is even able to follow a two step command. Such as "Go and get your cup and give it to daddy".

I will update on all of his current and stats after his appointment on the 24th
But we have had 2 big changes that can't wait till then! We decided to get rid of the high chair. I have always hated it and was just done with it in my kitchen and so I used our portable booster as a trial at the table and its been great! We are going to buy a permanent booster so that this one can remain in the car, its too much trouble to bring it back and forth!
And the other big news!? NO MORE BOTTLES! I can't believe how easy this transition was! I have to give Mr.Logan all the credit! He was down to 2 bottles a day, first thing in the AM and in the evening before bed. Well one night I gave him his bottle and he just kinda played with it and chewed on it, I even checked the nipple to see if it was working, and it was. Then he handed it back to me and asked for a cup. I poured it into a cup and he drank it. He did that twice more before I said to Les OK thats it lets pack up the bottles. And we haven't looked back, that was about 5 days ago! I am so proud of him! Lets hope getting rid of his guck goes as smoothly (soemthing tells me it won't!!)
Finally, a photo that made daddy's heart soar! A friend gave Logan a golf set for Christmas and Logan LOVES it, he does really well with it, except he is left handed it appears so he is holding it backwards. Les took out his putter, and they were playing together in the living room, then later this morning Les went into our room to find this!:
haha I guess Logan thought his club belonged with daddy's! melts my heart!

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