Monday, January 31, 2011

Rough Week

We have had a VERY rough week. The few pictures I have to prove it are on my iphone, which in coordination with the rest of my week I have lost my USB cable (AKA charger), so I have a very useful paper weight until I find it!

My poor sweet boy is very sick, he is finally feeling a bit better after 4 long days in the hospital. He has RSV ( a common virus that just hit him HARD) as well as pnuemonia. When I brrought him in ( I feel so so guilty) he was so dehydrated and his oxygen saturation was low. He was immediatly admitted, put on IV fluids, antibiotics and oxygen therapy. After 2 full days of sleeping in hospital, after lots of sleep at home (he slept almost stright thru from Wed-Saturday) he finally started ot come around Saturday night, and Sunday morning he finally ate and drank, and sat up!

He is home now, and still not himself. He is eating and drinking with lots of coaxing, he is still very weak and having trouble walking. Its completely heart breaking. It was so scary how fast he got so sick.

His fever started Sunday afternoon, Sunday night he threw up once. Monday his fever continued, he was still drinking at that point but was breathing very very fast, almost struggling. We went to our family doctor. He said it was a virus (most likely stomach flu since he vomited) and the breathing was due to the temp. Sent us home with an antibiotic to only start using if the fever pesisted for 48 more hours AND other signs of a respiratory illness showed up). Tuesday he started with a slight cough, the fever persisted and he stopped drinking, he didn't pee for 12 hrs and I almost took him in. Then Les got him to drink a little and he peed so I went in for midnights. Wednesday he drank a little, his fever continued and his breathing was still fast and his cough was worse so we started the antibiotic. He went to my mom's because Les & I both worked midnights. Thursday monring my mom called me, woke me up after only 2-3 hours sleep and told me she felt I needed to take him to the emergency room, that he was very ill. He hadn't peed since the previous night and although Wed PM he let her feed him and drank a little it had been over 12 horus and he was just sleeping and seemed to be having trouble breathing. I headed straight there and called our doc on the way, he wanted us to go in his office, he had been on the antibiotics for over 24 hrs at this point, fever was high and more concerning he was so lethargic. He took one look, listened to his chest and told me to go straight to the pediatric unit of the hospital, he woudl call and make the necessary arrangements, he believed it was pnuemonia. He told me to drive straight to the hospital, not to stop. When I got there they did a chest xray, listened to his chest and could see how sick he was just by how he was laying inmy arms, we were admitted and the IV was started.

It was a long rough four days, but was what he needed. I was so scared to see him that sick. It broke my heart. Thank God he is starting to feel better.


Jillian said...

Bless his heart!! Glad he is starting to feel better!!

Mitzi G. said...

poor little guy; I hope that he has rested a lot more & is feel much better!!!

Clara Heisler said...

It must have been really tough to see him in such a state, but he's also strong and was able to get through the whole ordeal. It's really quite important to go to the family doctor as soon as something happens. I just saw his recent pictures and I can tell that he's been healthy and doing great.

Clara Heisler