Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines!!

Happy Valentines Day!
My sweet boy is finally feeling better! We have been back to the allergist and I will be updating very soon!
But today, today was all about the love. Our love! He lights up our world.
Today wasn't very romantic, but it was absolutely perfect! Exactly how we wanted it to be!
This morning L woke up and coloured some valentines crafts, Toy Story of course!
This is his new favourite thing!

At breakfast I asked what he wanted and his answer was cake! Oh my! This boy has his mama's sweet tooth! He settled for yogurt, bananas and a peanut butter bagel, but never forgot about the cake! ha! SO after lunch he got his valentine treat, a chocolate cupcake! Look at that smile!
And then we dressed in red and headed out, just a nice afternoon. We got starbucks and walked the mall, and let L play for a bit in the play area. Then we went to dinner just the three of us.
We went to a chinese buffet and apparently L likes sushi (vegetarian, no raw fish of course) he ate 3 peices of cucumber rolls! And a bunch of Low mein noodles and veggies!
Then we all came home and snuggled together, what a wonderful day with my boys!
I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines as well!

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