Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Great Expectations

I know, I should be ashamed! Ha Life is crazy, and yet its no excuse. We just have SO much going on, and too think very soon its going to be even crazier (nope not #2! Just work/school, etc).
I have so many blog posts started that I haven't finished and so many blog ides in my head that I haven't gotten out....
Mr. Logan is 19 months old!
He is full of fun and curiousity and he is super indpendent! he wants to do everything himself, even things he can't do!
He wants to pick out his own clothes and attempt to dress himself!
He feeds himself and even likes to get his plate and bowl from his drawer and set the table!
He is talking a lot more these days and starting to really converse.
He is IN LOVE with Toy Story and refers to the movie (any of the 3), Woody and Buzz all as "Buddy" he asks for it constantly. He carries a Woody and/or buddy doll everywhere and sleeps with them as well.
He has a baby doll that he loves on, and sleeps with. I love this and am totally happy that my boy can be so nurturing. He shares his blankets and even his beloved "guk" (pacifier) with it!
He is getting into a lot of trouble these days just because of his curiousity and strong will!
He is super affectionate and cuddly.
He sleeps in a big boy bed. We have established a good bedtime routine and it goes really smoothly, he sleeps alone at least half if not more of the night, one of us often end up in there before morning, or early morning, which we are fine with.
Here are a ew photos from this week!

Logan dressed himself! he is obsessed with boots and wants to wear them everyday!
Climbing, he climbs everything!

Naptime, you can see baby is right beside him and Buddy isn't too far away!

I wanted to write a little bit about parenting. As I have said before I don't feel that I follow a particular philosophy, I do what feels right to us.
I have been reading other mommy blogs and speaking with some RL mommy friends and I realized something. I think we should EXPECT great things of our children, and perhaps we will just give them the opportunity to surprise us (hopefully pleasently).
This came about when I was talkign about Logan's current love of salad (seriously what kid LOVES salad, he does!) and she asked how he eats it. I answered "with a fork" since he indepdently feeds himself with cutlery at each meal (it can get messy but he and I wouldn't have it any other way). She told me she felt her son (4 days older then L) could not feed himself, that she spoon feeds him baby food 3 times a day still and offers small finger foods such as cheerios as a snack. I am not criticizing here, please dont' read it that way-and if your LO is still spoon fed thats OK if it works for you. But I said to her what if you just tried it, handed him a spoon you may be surprised.
I have decided to take on this mind set. I expect L (within reason) to make good decisions and have good behaviours. To go to bed on time (after his stories and lullabies). Often I can directly relate his "bad" behaviours with him being overtired, hungry etc, often situations that we created for him.
I hope this works into potty training this summer as well!
We have been doing time outs for some time and when placed in time out (at times i even "send him" and he just goes and sits) he will pout, but usually not cry, he sits for a minute and then I talk to him and he says sorry and hugs me. It really redirects his behaviours quickly.
Last night he had his first time out at a restuarant and it went well, no tears, just some puting followed by a hug and a refreshed well behaved L at the table! I was so proud!

Lastly, today is my birthday! I am 28! We aren't doing anything too special, just being a family and enjoying a pancake dinner!
I have started WW and hope to update this week about it!

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