Monday, March 21, 2011

Scared, nervous, excited??

Well my friends, its official, I'm going back to school!
Eeek, I have no idea how I feel about this!! I mean of course I am happy,
its what I wanted (I think!) I will be doing my Masters of Science in Nursing.
I hope that thru the struggles that I am sure are ahread I can keep my eye on the prize,
and these sweet smiles along the way should help!
Of course I am scared. Its going to be hard. I am going to need my husbands support more then ever. I will still be working 2-3 12 hour shifts a week, in addition to school.
I plan on writing my thesis on the effects of community supports on the success of breastfeeding.
I feel like now is the time, its not going to get easier as L gets older or when we add more little ones to the family. So I should get started now.
My goal in the end? Well, I'm not quite sure. Perhaps teaching, perhaps public health? I am just positive that this will open doors in the future.
My big picture goal is that by the time L is in full day school I have a Monday-Friday day job. I can't miss weekends, and holidays and bedtime forever.

Our test run starts in May, I have to "upgrade" a basic stats course. I took it in 1st year, but because that was over 5 years ago it must be redone. I will be in school 2 days a week. This is going to be a juggle! L will be going to daycare more often, and hopefully now that his "asthma" is under control we can avoid more illness! I really hope I have made the right decision for our family. A "sign" that I have seems to have come receantly, my work changed their tuition assistance policy. they now will pay $1000 per course, up to 5 courses a year. My tuition is $1200 per course. I can also apply for additional assistance from my professional organization, this means that I will practically be going to school for free!

We have many more exciting things coming up! Hope to update soon!


Scullyhoyy said...

Wishing you the best of Luck!!

I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

That's awesome. I admire you for going back to school.

Sonya said...

Awesome! Good luck! I'm sure it will be lots of work but so worth it in the end! That's awesome that most of the tuition will be covered!