Friday, March 18, 2011

Rough Patch

We are going thru a bit of a hard time lately. I'm exhuasted, stressed, working a lot and trying, mostly unsuccessfully to juggle it all. Les and I love eachother very much but we are fighting almost constantly. I feel unsupported and he won't talk about how he feels.
L is so so busy, he is not sleeping well and is beign whiney and clingy during the day. I feel like I just can't do it all. I'm sure this too will pass, and i have some ideas on how to make things better, but could really use some prayers right now!


Mitzi G. said...

I will keep your family in my thoughts & prayers!! to me talking is HUGE in rough times so try to encourage your hubby to talk to you; you will be amazed at how much pressure can be relieved by one little conversation!!

Kitty said...

I just wanted you to know i was just there and it will get better. It may already be better. Give yourself some time to yourself and also time with you and hubby! It's hard to work, be a wife, a mom and more. I'm right there with you, I know! Hang in there! You're doing it and it will get easier. :)