Monday, June 8, 2009

General Update & Pics!

I have been an awful blogger!! I am so behind, and that I am just writing this one "update" blog to bring me up to today, I just dont' have the time or energy to be more detailed! On top of that the pictures I loaded are backwards in time order, but we'll just go with it.

Yesterday was my first baby shower! While the morning was a little hectic and we had a few small crisis it all turned out to be absolutely perfect! Being that I was blessed with a professional photographer in the family I am waiting on my photos still. As soon as I get them I will do a whole blog wiht all the details since it was just so great! Everyone was so generous, I was very overwhelmed, this is one very loved baby already!

This is our nursery when I got everything into the house & put in there (except the big items!). We were gifted our travel system, pack & play, convenience stroller, & so much more. I am also very thankful that last night my mom & sister came over & helped me tackle this, between the 3 of us everything was put away & organized in under an hour!
A good friend of ours offered to do some artwork for the nursery, I was so nervous! She originally offered a mural, but took her up on some canvas painting. I think they turned out wonderful! They are a grouping of four, on the back is a poem for baby as well. They still need to be hung, but I am very pleased with them!

Although I am still thinking baby bear is a boy I decided I needed to make an infant size tutu in case its a Lexi in there! I made a pink & green one & added ribbon. Calvin was sweet enough to model it for all of you! I am so pleased with how it turned out & we will be doing newborn photos in this if it is a girl!
Finally, here is my 28 week bump. I know I completely missed my weekly update! We will just skip it for now. I am doing good, I think I popped again this week! I am starting to get really uncomfortable sitting up or trying to bend over. There are defiently places I just can't reach anymore! haha. I see Dr. J tomorrow & I have an ultrasound as well. We are checking on how big this baby is as well as if my placenta has cleared enough for a vaginal delivery. So I will give a full 29 week report then!

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