Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baby Shower!

I have my shower photos back! My first shower, put on by my mom & sisters was this past Sunday. The day was completely perfect! I helped with some of the planning as in the family I tend to be the most organized & the party planner. I will keep the text short so you can just enjoy the pictures! The day was wonderful, we were able to have most of it outside, undre a pavillion, it was casual & relaxed but very put together at the same time!

Oh and we did not hire a professional photographer, however my aunt is a photographer so I am blessed enough to have pro pictures from all my events

An interesting shot of my bump & pretty crosage, all white flowers with pink & blue ribbon!
The buffet! It went over SO WELL, we had all cold easy to prepare & eat luncheon type foods.
Another shot of the yummy food. We had the sandwiches catered & made everything else (assorted salads, veggies, crackers & cheese, taco dip, egg rolls, etc).
The dessert table! We made these fruit kebobs ourselves, they were a big hit & so yummy!

Dessert table again, the vase is holding sugar cookies & pinwheel cookies on sticks. Everyone loved these. We also had assorted cookies & sweets.
Personalized water bottles, another big hit. I made the template on Publisher. The back had nutrition facts that listed, love, hugs, kisses, etc.

We had pink & blue punch, everyone loved this! They were so yummy & no one missed soda!

All the generous gifts! We were so blessed! WE got our PNP, travel system, convenience stroller, snap & go, tub, diaper genie, bumbo, & so so much more! Plus all our nursery furniture!

The favours. We made the labels they said "A Bun on the oven" and my name & date, then on the bottom it said "Such great joy, will it be it a girl or a boy? Only time will tell if we need pink or blue, we know we'll be ready, thanks to you!" they were filled with assorted homemade mini muffins.
The centrepieces. My mom made all of these by hand. They are cookie bouquets made up in baby themed gift bags! The cookies were bottles, rattles, onesies, etc. Everyone loved them!
One of my gifts with an adorable little bib! So cute!!

Another one, we invited guests to bring their favourite books to add to BBs library if they wanted & had a great response! I have been reading to him or her every night!

We did bib & onesie decorating, it went over really well! A few kids got a little carried away, but overall the results were awesome!

My sister's onesie for baby baer!

My mom's idea, to make a bump board that had all my weekly photos. Everyone LOVED this, so many people have not seen me at all this pregnancy, the really enjoyed seeing the changes!

Me with the cake! It was awesome! It was a clothesline theme, which was our "loose" theme of the shower. There was NONE left over!!

I LOVE this photo of my bump & the cake/sweet table. She did such a good job!!

Outside decorations!

My cousin hard at work making a bib for Baby Bear!!

Open gifts, I got these REALLY cute bibs from my 5 year old cousin! This one says "If mommy's not happy, nobodys happy (And its probably daddy's fault!)"

Opening gifts! Lots of yellow! We only ended up getting about 5 outfits & 8 onesies! Ranging from 3-12 months, so we may have soem shopping to do! (yay!!)

Les came towards the end of gift opening to help & thank all of our generous guests!

The clothesline with a few gifts & craft projects!

Les & I with my mom and his parents. No need to point out who's who!

My mom, sisters & I! They were great hosts! I am the oldest (26 years old), sisters are Niki, 25 in pink & Danielle, 24 in blue, mom is in black. Tucker, the dog is mom's only "son"!

Three sisters & my little cousin, Meg, who was super helpful with everything!


Mrs. Goodson...Woo Hoo!! said...

You look amazing & what a beautiful shower!! Great job to your family on everything!

The Pacheco's said...

Your baby shower was beautiful! You and your sisters look so much like your mom! Such a beautiful family! ;)

Scullyhoyy said...

OMG! Your shower looks awesome! So many great ideas, I love the water bottles & goodie bags. How cute!! You & baby are so lucky!! & you look adorable!

Jillian said...

You looked so cute and the bump board was such a cute idea! I want to make one!! I have to have the time first!! Enjoy being pregnant because it is difficult when they come out!! Worth it though:)