Monday, November 9, 2009

You are my Sunshine

Dear Logan,

My sweet boy, you are my sunshine, I tell you this everyday when I sing to you while I change your diaper. You are the best thing that has ever happened to your daddy and I. It was just a year ago when we decided we wanted to have a little baby of our own, and although I knew that I would love my baby and being a mommy I NEVER knew it would be like this. I had no idea the kind of love I would have for you or how amazingly complete and happy you make me feel.

My days now are filled with so much love and happiness, especially when you give me giant smiles like in the picture above. We have such a fun time together. Most of our days start off early, because you have deicded to make momma (or at least try to) a morning person! We play and sing, you make me so happy even tho a lot of the time I don't get to shower or eat a real meal-you are so amazingly worth it. Bedtime is such a special time for us, it starts with a bath, sometimes I put you in the big tub all by yourself with bubbles, you splash and kick and have so much fun. When you are fussy or we have extra time mommy takes a bath with you, you love this and I love all the snuggles. Once you are all cozy in your PJs we rock, I turn on some lullabyes, and you just love music. Then momma feeds you are snuggles you until you are very sleepy, some nights, like tonight I let you fall asleep in my arms and then I just hold you. Even in the middle of the night when you wake up, I love those moments. Those special little times, just the two of us.

Every single day when I pray I thank God for you, my amazing little miracle. I pray that God blesses you and keeps you safe and healthy, and happy. I pray that God helps me to be a good mommy and help you to grow into a strong good man. I also pray for your future wife. Although its hard for me to imagine you being that grown I pray that God has a special little girl out there for you. For now I will continue to enjoy my special days with you. I love you so much, and so does your daddy. We could never imagine our life without you.

I will love you forever,
Momma xoxo

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Mitzi G.!! said...

"you are my sunshine" is the song I sing to Brayden when I am putting him to bed every night....they are such bundles of joy!!