Friday, November 13, 2009

A day in our life

Look at this baby!! Isn't he just delicious!? I love this little sporty outfit! The shoes are his first pair of Jordan's! Les keeps telling him not to let anyone step on his J's LOL!!

I thought I would write out what our typical day is like, because I am sure one day I won't remember what it was like when he was this small, even tho right now he seems so big!

I never intended on putting Logan on any type of schedule, he just kind of fell into one on his own. I am a big fan of routine tho and think that his bedtime routine has helped tons!

6:00/6:30am-Logan wakes up to nurse. Me or Les get him & bring him in our bed, he nurses off of one side in sidelaying and we both fall back asleep.

8:00/8:30am-Up for the day. Change Logan's diaper & dress him. Logan goes on his playmat and I put his music on. He plays by himself while I get myself breakfast & check my email.

9:00-Logan is done playing alone, I read to him or do tummy time with him.

9:30-Logan nurses and usually nurses to sleep. He naps for about an hour, usually on my lap or in his bouncy chair or swing. I try to shower while he naps!

10:30/11:00-Logan wakes up. He goes in his bouncy chair or exersaucer and watches some TV (he likes sesame street & baby einstein) or we read or play. Sometimes he goes in his bouncy chair while I do my hair if we are going out.

12:00/12:30-Logan nurses again and has another nap. He usually falls alseep while nursing. Sometimes I will bundle him up & go for a walk or we will go out & he naps in the moby or carseat. He usually sleeps for about 2 hours.

2:30-Logan is up, he nurses and then sits on my lap and we talk. I get the biggest smiles this way!

3:00-5:00-Logan will watch me make dinner, sitting in his highchair or bouncy seat, if he is fussy I will wear him. We play on the floor or read or just snuggle.

5:15-Logan has his bath and gets in his PJs. He nurses and we snuggle.

6:30-start bedtime routine, lights out, music on, nurse, rock to drowsy in crib. He is usually asleep by 7:00pm

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