Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sick babe

My sweet little man just isn't himself today. Of course they day after I have surgery my poor babe has to get his first fever....
My surgery went well, thank you for the prayers and warm wishes. I came home and slept most of yesterday, thankfully Les & my mom were here to take care of me & Logan.

I was so happy when Logan slept 12 hours again last night, now I wonder if its because he wasn't feeling well. He has just been "off" all day, he has a fever and I can't tell if maybe a cold or teething. Whichever, he is not a happy boy. It breaks my heart. I let him sleep on me & nurse off and on most of the day. He was super clingy and sleepy and just not my sweet smiley boy. After some Tylenol later followed by Motrin he has settled and is in his crib. I have the angel care monitor on, but know I will be a paramoid momma in & out of his room touching his sweet head all night long. For the second night in a row I am asking for your prayers, tonight for my sweet boy & any other sick little ones out there.

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Mitzi G.!! said...

Our prayers are with you guys....I hope you both feel better very soon!