Monday, April 6, 2009

We have furniture!!

I am so excited! We decided on out nursery furniture & we have it!! We were going to go with a new line from BRU, however when it came it DH was very unhappy with the quality. We decided to go with a set we found a costco. I think the price was reasonable and the quality is amazing! Its a very solid would, it took 3 guys to carry the dresser upstairs! We are so greatful to my mom (grandma D) for buying the crib, and my ILs, (Lola & Lolo) for buying the change table combo unit. The colour of the set is called chocolate, its not as dark as an espresso but not as red as a cherry finish. I still need to find a small side table for besdie the glider, which we are getting as a gift. I would also like some type of bookshelf.
This is a picture of the dresser/changer combo. There is a wooden tray that secures in the back to hold the change pad. Les still has to put that on. And of course the change pad etc we are waiting for the shower. Notice the beautiful lamp I got as an early shower gift from my great grandma, Little Bears great-great grandma.

This is a side angle shot of the crib. You can see the beautiful detailing on the headboard & foot board. as well as the slight curve on the side part.

Here is a front on shot of the crib. It turns into a toddler bed, daybed & then a full bed later on. This set will be Little Bears forever. I am so excited to get the bedding & get it more put together, but I will have to wait!

I am undecided about how to put the furniture in the room. I think once the rocker comes I may have a better idea. We also have a friend who has offered to do some custom artwork for the baby's room, which I am very excited about. As of now everything is kind of on a stand still. We will be watching for matresses to go on sale, otherwise I am waiting until the shower to get anything else.


k said...

Very cute! That lamp is the same theme that I am going to to with if we have a boy!

Together We Save said...

Beautiful. You are wise to get good quality from the start.