Saturday, April 18, 2009

A letter

Dear Baby Bear,

Momma is so excited to have you growing inside me. Do you liek the stories that me & daddy read to you? I will try to get some new ones in case you are getting bored. I spend so much time thinking about you, wondering what you look like, whether you are a Logan or a Lexi, it doesn't matter to us, we love you so much already. I am sure you will look much more like daddy, I think he has very strong traits, hopefully you get your momma's patience!

We have been very busy getting your nursery ready. It is turning out so nice, we hope you like it. This nursery will be used not only for you but for any other bears that come after you! I promise that in a few years we will make a special room just for you. Daddy has worked so hard in there making it special, we promise it will be ready for when you come home.

I love to feel you move in there. You have been moving a lot more lately. Please get a little stronger & less shy & let your daddy feel you soon! While I love that I have something special to share with you, your daddy is just so excited about it. I have even been dreaming about you, about all of the fun things we will do as a family. We are buying a new camera before you come just so that we can capture every moment of you.

We love you so much already Baby Bear, more then we knew possible. 17 more weeks or so until we meet you, please stay nice comfy in there until then. We will keep getting this world ready for you.

I love you so,
Momma Bear

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