Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ultrasound & Appt

Today I had my "big" ultrasound & saw Dr.J. The ultrasound went great. Its amazing to see the differences in the weeks from before. Everything was perfect with the baby, he or she measures exactly perfect for dates, weighing in at 11 ounces!! Babe was very squirmy & dancing around on the screen for us. The technician was wonderful & explaiend everything to me, she was very reassuring. The heartbeat was 142 beats per minute. My placena attached in a U-shape it is anterior & posterior and along my right uterine wall, this is why we can't feel hom or her from the outside yet! Hopefully soon tho & I am content to be feeling it myself for now.
They had to do a transvaginal ultrasound again to measure my cervix (which is long at 3.4cm!) and to check the placenta. Baby Bear's head was sitting right on my cervix AGAIN (this probably explains all the pressue I have been feeling). The tech asked me to puch down on my lower belly to move the little head & it was pretty neat to see that work! The cervix has migrated a bit, to 2.3cm from teh cervix (previously 1mm and then 1.5cm), however this still consdierd to be low-lying (up to 5cm). With the amount of bleeding i have had & the most receant episode beign less then a week ago Dr.J wants me to reamin off work, on modified restricitons until delivery. Which is fine with me. I will do anything for this baby. I will have another ultrasound in 3rd tri to determine if I need a scheduled c-section or can have a vaginal delivery. I am just going to pray about it & leave it in God's hands.
We discussed a few other things at the appointment. My Down Syndrome screening results came back, the risk is 1:100 000, which is excellent. I have also been experiencing a racing pulse, it was 121 when they took my blood pressure today. He said as long as I am not experiencing chest pain with it, which I am not it is probably just a normal side effect of pregnancy. We takled about my tailbone & sciatica pain & he recommeded a chirocpractor, who I will be calling tomorrow. He is still following me every three weeks, as a high risk pregnancy but he defiently put me at ease about things! My uterus is measuring 20 and I gained (gulp) 4lbs~in 3 weeks! However this is the only weight I have gained thus far and so I will really try to keep it down a bit!
I can't help but hope the 2nd half of this pregnancy goes by as quickly as the first. While I am genuinely enjoying being pregnant, I am also so eager to meet this little. I am very excited about all of the milestones we will reach between now & then tho, so I wouldn't really want to skip anything! I love being team green. We have so much fun going back & forth between if our Little Bear is a he or a she, a Logan or Alexia. In less then 20 weeks we will know!

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