Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Boring Days...

I haven't written in a bit so I thought I would talk about how exciting my days are. Since starting the nursery we have moved a larger TV into our bedroom, this has really helped my comfort level. Before I would park myself at the kitchen table or on the couch. While these are semi comfy spots the back support isn't great. Now with the new TV/DVD player set-up I have taken to making myself comfy in bed. Using 2 king size pillows, my snoogle & a memory foam pillow I comfortably prop myself up, with my feet elevated on the bottom part of my snoogle. Laptop, in place (on my lap) and phone& remote within reaching distance this is how I spend a lot of my time. It works great.

I don't actually watch a ton of TV, its usually on for background noise. The laptop is my saviour, I am totally addicted to both the bump & blogs. Not only my blog but others. I have very receantly taken to one in particular, that has led to many tears & admiration for a very strong man with a beautiful daughter. If your interested check it out http://www.mattlogelin.com

My kitty Calvin certainly loves having me home as well as my new set up. His days are spent curled up with me, he is certainly a momma's boy. He has really taken to cur one or around my belly, Little Bear moves liek crazy when he does this, I wonder if he can sense the little movements inside me. This is him perched on my lap, his paws lovingly curled aroound my bump. We love to snuggle.

Clothing is becoming an issue. I have a small collection of presentable clothes, I hate to waste these on days in bed with my cat. I usually stay in jammies (a clean pair each day). I only have a VERY limited number of these that still fit, often "fit" means belly partially exposed. Well, with my inability to do laundry these simetimes all end up dirty. So I was forced this week (as seen in this picture) to resort to wearing Les' t-shirts with on a good day a pair of my sweats that I still fit in, or on a bad day, a pair of his shorts/boxers, its hot.

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