Monday, April 27, 2009

Renewing our Wedding Vows & a few pics

On Sunday we renewed our wedding vows. Our Bishop came from London and held a mass where over 200 couples celebrated "special" anniversaries, such as your 1st, 10th, 25th, 50th, 60th and any after that. There was a couple celebrating their 72nd anniversary! It was nice to profess our love & commitment, especially with Little Bear on the way. Our actual anniversary is May 31st. We hoped to get away, but with me being on bedrest, that probably won't happen. We will do something special around here I am sure tho!
Here is a quick picture we took before going to a fundraiser on Friday night. It was nice to dress up a bit & get out. Obviously I sat the whole night, but it was still a great outing. We went with DHs co-workers, I met them all for the first time, which was nice.
Everything is good pregnancy wise. I am continuing to grow, the stretch marks have multiplied, depsite all the lotions & potions! I am really feeling that this little one is a boy this week. I have been helping getting the invites fo the shower together, as I am stuck at home I might as well be useful. They turned out so cute! They will be in the mail next week. I am a very guilty registry stalker & was so excited to see that my bedding, mobile & wall decals were all purchased! The nursery is pretty much set now, we just need a few things we plan on buying (bookshelf, table & mattress). The glider is also being given as a gift. The shower is in 6 weeks & I am getting pretty edxcited for it!
One last pictures to end off today's ratehr random blog. Again its me & calvin cat. Notice I am in bed with my snoggle & laptop and Calvy is perched right on my bump. This is his favourite place. He actually sleep on the snoggle all curled up around the bump. I hope he likes the baby as much when he or she is on the outside!

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Scullyhoyy said...

That is so sweet about renewing your vowels. Love the pic of the cat on your belly, my cat loves to snuggle my belly too. Can't wait to see pictures of the nursery:)