Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!

We had a wonderful Easter Holiday today. Les & I got up extra early as mass was an hour early, plus we knew it would be extra crowded so we got there half an hour early. I commented that next year we will be extra rushed trying to get a little one all ready as well. After church we went to my mom's for lunch, it was delicious! We got to visit with family, I brought my camera & somehow forgot to take pictures! Mom got me maternity underwear, LOL I DO need it tho! We had our traditional afternoon movie, which we do every holiday.

After all the guests left mom came back to our house & did some cleanign for me! I have the best mom! Its been hard with me beign on modified rest, I really can't do a lot of household things. Les has been helpign a lot, but its hard with him workign fulltime & well he's a boy they have a totally different standard then us ladies do! Mom has been comign every Sunday & doing the dusting, floors, bathrooms & helping with a few loads of laundry. Seriously I am not sure what conditions I would be living in otherwise!

Les is at work tonight so I had a quiet night in with my kitty. I spent a lot of last night scrapbooking so I decided to turn my attention tonight to a new crafty activity. I made this super adorable no sew Tutu. It is for one of two little princesses we have in our lives. I have to make one more for the other sweet little sister, I just know they will love them! I also plan on makign a little baby size one, just in case our Baby Bear is a Lexi! If not it will make a wonderful gift, who wouldn't love this!? My next feat it to tackle making those sweet little bows to match!

We have so much to be thankful for this Easter! Just this time last year we were gettign ready to close on our home & were in the hoem stretch of wedding planning. Today we are getting ready to welcome a baby, it still seems surreal. We thank God everyday for all of these blessings.

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