Sunday, May 3, 2009

Random Ramblings & Some Pics

This blog is going to be very random, I just feel like updating & talking about random things....

With our one year anniversary fast approaching I have been going thru photos from the last year. This is a picture we took on our honeymoon. We went to Las Vegas, this is us goofing around in the giant FAO Schwarz toy store. We foudn this doll that we thought looked like what our future child may look like, and so we took a photo. If baby bear is a girl, is this what she will look like?
So its been warm here, which is nice because I have been able to start wearing flip flops, which is awesome! Today we went to church & I wore my new to me outfit, wish I had a pic but I don't. I went to a mom2mom resale yesterday & got a cute pair of brown dress pants as well as a pink dress top, in great condition for $7! I also picked up a few other tops for me & a few baby items, some still had tags on them! Anyways, I dressed up today & feltthe outfit required my cute new heels from the Philippines, and so tonight I noticed the definite start od cankles. My ankles & feet a puffy, they aren't too bad in this picture, but I think its just the beginning!

I feel that in life & my blog I have been ignoring my sweet kitty. I will tell his short little story of how he became ours. We were married last May & had just moved into our first home. Les had never had a pet, his parents are very against animals. I LOVE animals & felt our home needed soem love that only a pet can bring. As we both work 12 hr shifts I didn't think we were ready for the commitment of a dog, and hence I started talking about a kitten.
In July we decided to just "visit" the local shelter. Les was insistent that if we got a cat he wanted it to be social, not snotty like my mom's sweet kitty Chloe, who really doesn't like men! As we were tourign the shelter & my heart was breaking I could feel Les' heart softening as well. There were so many kitties there who needed forever homes! There were a few very tiny ones who of course made you melt, and then there was a little guy who was a bit bigger, around 3 months. Everytime we walked by his cage he reached out his little paw and tried to pet us, he was so affectionate & playful. However on his cage was a sign that said "Caution:I'm a wild & crazy guy!" He didn't look too wild to me, they let me take him out of the cage & while he had tons of energy I could tell he was a sweetheart, and he had to be mine! We filled out an adoption application before we left, and 2 days later he came home with us. He has always been vey fun & playful, not wild tho! He is sweet & affectionate and very much a momma's boy! Although Les will work if I'm not around. This is a pic I snapped the other day, he's snuggling with daddy & sound asleep. He always needs contact, he is always next to or on top of someone. He is very "talkative" and loves to play fetch. He doesn't look too wild does he?
I have been helpign with the organizing of my baby showers. The hosts of the first shower are my mom & sisters, all of whom work & are very busy. With me being off work they are taking advantage of my time & craftiness. I finished the invites & they will go in the mail tomorrow. I designed & handmade these, I am very happy with the finished product! I am now working on favour labels as well as some games (that my mom insists we play). She is so excited about this baby I am just goign along & doing what I can to help!

No post would be complete without a quick pregnancy update. All is well on this front. I continue to expand, I swear I feel my bump growing! Sadly more stretch marks have appeared. I continue to lotion & potion but figure its just the price I have to pay. the baby must be getting bigger & stronger because the movements are getting much swifter & harder. Yesterday he or she foudn my cervix & decided it woudl be a good spot to jump, ouch, it actually HURT! I am tryign really hard not to be rude when people touch my belly, MIL just won't get the hint. Les took an opportunity today to let her know how much it bugs me when the waitress started rubbign my belly! MIL still grabs my bump repeatedly and says "my baby" umm, nope definetly mine! I guess that will be the end of my randomness for now! I'm off for a bubble bath & book reading! I will thoroughly miss my glass of wine!


Jillian said...

Those invitations are adorable!!

Grasso10 said...

I love the invitations!! How sweet!

Heather Bug said...

Happy almost one year anniversary! Thanks for the comment on my your kitchen...the dark cabinets, the black table, and the "home" writing. So cute! Happy Tuesday!