Monday, May 18, 2009

Not me Monday!

Well its Monday again & since I had so much fun participating last week I will give it another shot today. Check out Mckmama's blog & see what things other people didn't do this week! I wish I had more exciting things to confess but my life is pretty boring....

I did NOT make Les go on a wild goose chase thru the city to find me a sour cherry slurpee, that would be silly when I could have any flavour slurpee, NOT ME!

I did NOT rudely snap at my sister for eating on of my beloved ahh caramel cakes, that would be selfish & unkinds, NOT ME!

I did NOT allow my registry stalking to expand to include looking at other people's including strangers registeries to scope out fun baby stuff, that would be wierd! NOT ME!

I did NOT finally get a new bedroom set this week & insist that we stay up & not go to bed until the entire room looked perfect, you WILL NOT see this in a future home tour with Kelly! NOT ME!

Thats all, as usual it involves food & nothing too exciting, good thing I didn't do any of those things!


Jillian said...

Well from one pregnant lady on bed rest to another I think those are all perfectly fine!! My husband is out of town a lot and so those lovely cravings I get I have to do myself and that really limits the amount of them:) And I did that with my registry too and I stalked others! HA HA!!

Mrs. Goodson...Woo Hoo!! said...

hahaha...your post is too funny!