Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I got this great idea from Jillian who's blog directed me over to another very fun blog that I have decided to also follow. MckMama has started this fun little "honest Monday" that I really like the idea on her blog you will find lots of links to other people just being honest. Check out her her adorable family as well! On to my not me Monday!

I did NOT ask Les to bring me a basket of laundry to fold 4 days ago only to have it still sitting here & so wrinkly it vary well may not a trip at least back to the dryer, NOT ME that would be very lazy since that is one of the small tasks I am actually allowed to do!

I did NOT leave my house at 11pm when I was home alone one night & drive all the way to McDonalds to satisfy a cheeseburger & french fry craving, NOT ME that would be very unhealthy & make me fat!

I did NOT go shopping & spend a little too much money on a few sleepers for Baby Bear & an adorable matching momma & baby lounge set for at the hosputal, NOT ME I promised not to do any baby bear shopping until after my showers!

I did NOT stalk my registry & become very excited to see that people have purchased some fun gifts off it, NOT ME that would ruin the surprise of my showers!

I did NOT discover, while eating a snack of sour cherry blasters & a slurpee that my belly "jumps" when baby bear moves, which did NOT lead me to eat much more of this sugar filled snack then necessary just to watch the "jumping", NOT ME that would not be a very healthy bedtime snack!

haha that was fun! I look forward to reading all the other "not me's" this week!

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Jillian said...

Don't worry Emerson loves sugary snacks as well. And I had ice cream for dinner last night! Even though we are on bed rest we can still splurge sometimes, right! And my laundry is folded downstairs but not put away so I totally feel you there:)