Monday, August 24, 2009

One Month!!

Logan you are one month old today! I can't believe you have been with us for a whole month! You are still supposed to be in my belly! But here you are, beautiful & perfect!

At your last dcotor's appointment you weighed 7lbs 4oz! I am sure you are even bigger now!
You still love to eat and will happily take a bottle or breast, as long as we feed you!

You are still wearing size newborn diapers, I tried you in size ones this week & you peed thru them!

You are just starting to grow out of some of your newborn clothes and starting to fit into some of your 0-3 month outfits!

You really love to be held, your happy with anyone who will hold you, but are most content with your mommy!

You are still sleeping in the bassinet in mommy & daddy's room, and most nights end up in our bed with us!

You are not sleeping thru the night, you wake up to eat every 2-3hrs during the day and every 3-3&1/2 hrs at night.

You have one or two "awake" periods usually in the afternoon or evening when we play on your mat or read stories.
You are a very strong boy & can hold your head up for a few seconds when doing tummy time!
You are a mover & a shaker, always wiggling around & turnign to your side!
You are the noiseiest baby we have ever seen! you moan & grunt & groan thru feedings & sleep!

We love you so very much! We thank God everyday for blessing us with you and although it makes us a little sad to see you grow we are so excited to see what is to come!

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