Sunday, August 16, 2009

3 weeks!

Here is my little man at 3 weeks! He is changing so much already! He is getting so long! We have a check up tomorrow & I am eager to see his length & weight. I know he has grown. All of his newborn clothes still fit, most are still pretty lose but he is at the limit for length in his little footed sleepers thats for sure!

He has definetly been going thru a major growth spurt! He has been fussier & even hungrier then ever. Nursing is still going well, we are nursign on demand and he eats between 1-4 hrs apart, usually 2 & 1/2-3hrs. I am feeling much more relaxed about things. I am pretty sure his jaundice is all cleared up, I have even stopped writing down all his feeding & diapers. We are just enjoying eachother. He knows who is momma is & is so happy to be in my arms!

Les & I left him for the first time the other night. I didn't feel 100% ready to do this but it went well. My mom came & stayed with him & we just went to dinner. It was nice to spend a little time one on one. Of course we talked about L the whole time!

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