Sunday, August 2, 2009

Good news & bad news....(PIC added!)

We had our check up yesterday for Logan & I. Things went OK.

I will start with the good news, Logan has gained weight since discharge, since he is a little eating machine! He is up to 5lbs 8 oz, he exceeded the desired weight gain post discharge! They also weighed him before & after I nursed, he took 50cc from my breast, which is great! He is havign lots of wet & dirty diapers which I hope will continue to reassure me he is getting enough, I have been tempted a few times to give hima bottle to make sure but really do not want to interfere with my supply at this point, we both really enjoy breastfeeding and want it to continue working.

The bad news is that they retested Logan's bilirubin levels, to measure his jaundice & they have gone up! His highest level at the hospital was 251, then we stopped phototherapy & they went down to 220 before we left. They were 270 yesterday. The DR is concerned he is rebounding & will need to be readmitted, this devestates me. I am so happy to be home with him, it will be awful to end up back in the hospital. Obviously whatever is best for Logan we will do tho. THe only reason he wasn't admitted yesterday was because he is eating so well & is so active & alert. We go back tomorrow (MONDAY) afternoon to have him retested. Please say a prayer that the numbers are lower & he is on his way to recovery, this is very stressful for a new mommy to deal with!

Everything else is going OK. I am exhausted, I think I have just been doing too much. We just came home Friday after a whirlwind 2 weeks and have been to the mall, out to eat, to groceries & had several visitors. Today I plan on showering, putting on clean jammies & just relaxing with my boys. I am tearful and just so tired, but so happy to be here, I think I just need to rest & listen to my body a bit better. Nursing is going well, he is eating every 2 -3 hrs during the day & every 3-4 hrs at night. I have him in the sun right now hoping it helps fight the jaundice. I will post some pictures later when I have a bit more energy, thanks for the prayers!

EDIT~~ I have added Logan's birth announcement photo for you! He was 1 day old here, my Aunt came to the hospital & took it!

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Jennifer said...

Congrats on your beautiful baby boy! I stumbled upon your blog some time ago and have been following your story. I actually just went through the same thing that you did- induced at 34 weeks due to pre-eclampsia and had my baby on July 11 (I was due 8/16). My baby girl also has ABO incompatibility and really struggled with the jaundice. I think we have it under control now and I am sending prayers that Logan's is too! good luck with everything and I know I am a random stranger, but if you ever want to vent or trade stories since we went through something similar, send me an email at Good luck with everything!