Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Daddy & his little man....

Look at this sweet sleeping boy! He loves sleeping on his side & always curls his little hands around his face...couldn't you just eat him up?!! He is inthe newborn napper in his PNP here & I must say this was an awesoem investment! He sleeps well in it & it vibrates & plays music for when he does fuss.
I want to use today's blog to talk about my wonderful husband & his transition to fatherhood. I always knew Les owuld be an amazing dad, we were both on board with having a child 100% when we started TTC last fall. We were both surprised (pleasently) at how quickly we became pregnant, but I worried a little that it was too quick for Les. His friends are all still bachelors, most still live at home with their parents, none of them are anywhere near parenthood. I wondered how that would affect Les. We are almost 2 weeks in to this journey & Les is diong amazing. I can see that he really loves being a daddy, I love him more & moer when I watch him with our son. My relationship with my own father leaves much to be desired, my mom havign raised us on her own since I was three, I always knew I would marry a man who would be there for his kids, I know I havbe that in Les.

At the delivery everything happened so fast, Les was able to cut the cord & I remember the joy in both of our eyes when we learned we had a son. Then Logan began havign trouble breathing & Les had to take him down to the NICU. Before I knew it both my boys were gone. When Les got back he just broke down & sobbed. He says it was tears of joy at having a son and fear, at seeign Lgoan struggle to breathe & watching the nurses work on him to stablize him, I am sure this was horrifying, even for us as nurses to see.
Les is such a natural with Logan. Here they are in the hospital sneaking in some snuggles in between Logan's phototherapy. I really hate that most of his first week was spent in an isolette not being cuddled & loved on like a baby should. We are working on making up for all that time now!

Les loved his boy & had np problem right from day one takign him in & out of the isolette, doing diaper duty etc. He wants to be hands on 100%.

When Logan first went to the NICU his daddy carried him there. He stayed with him while they stablized him & put him on CPAP and started an IV. He even let Logan hold his little finger & talked to him to comfort him, I am sad I couldn't be with my son them but so glad his daddy was there with him.
Now that we are home Les has stepped up his daddy duties. And these duties of course include cuddles & hugs. I love how affectionate he is with Logan, he kisses & loves on him and is always talking to him telling him how much he means to us. Look at them, two peas in a pod!

Giving his boy lots of hugs and kisses! Remember we have a while week to make up for!
Les has taken Logan's baths on as his task. Although I LOVE bathing babies I am glad to step back & let them have this time. I after all am nursing & get lots of alone time to bond with Logan. Even with our little 5lb newborn Les is comfortable bathign him all on his own, I can take a nap or a break, its nice. I think it gives them a nice chance to bond as well since Logan loves his bath!
Les doesn't do everything exactly how I would do it. He has his own way. A great example is this photo. Logan peed all over himself during a diaper change & so Les just stuck him under the tap to clean him off! It works, and happens quite often at home! LOL
I love both my boys, I feel so very blessed to have a wonderful loving husband. He has been wonderful this past week makign sure the house is together that I am cared for & that of course Logan has everything he needs. He had to go back to work today & we are both missing him lots. Nothign made me happier then when Les came into the kitchen with Logan in his arms (even tho he woke him) kissing him & telling him he would miss him today.


I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

This was a very sweet post. I can't wait to be in your shoes, I have a feeling my husband will be much like yours and just take over duties. I'm happy for you and your cute little boy!

Jillian said...

how sweet!!