Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Growing so fast!

How is my baby growing so fast already?!! It still totally amazes me that he is not supposed to be here yet, he isn't due until August 26th, infact he was just term this past week & yet here he is growing before my eyes! I will admit I have been pretty emotional about this, Les says it the hormones, I think its just being a mommy. I feel exrta blessed that I got this extra time with him as an outside baby, to watch him change & grow on the outisde intead of the inside.

While he is defiently still a tiny baby (who gets LOTS of ohs and awes out in public) he is growing in ways his momma can see! I would guess him to be just over 6 lbs, he goes to see Dr.S next week for a weight check. He is fillign out & getting long, while his newborn clothes still fit several of his footed sleepers are just right in length & of he grows much more they won't really fit! I actually had tears in my eyes when dressing him the other morning because he just seems so big! He is changing his looks as well & as his jaundice clears (YAY!) he is more fair then ew expected. Although he looks like his daddy with his asian features he resembles mine & my sisters baby pictures much more then he does Les'. This makes me kind of happy as I feared my child would look nothing like me, I like that I can see myself in him!

While I know I WANT him to grow & be healthy I am still slightly sad to watch his newborn phase slip away. My BFF assures me that I will enjoy each new phase for all the wonderful moments & memories they offer & while I believe her I am tryign so hard to savour every momebt of him just like this. He is so small & cuddly I just love him up every day. I am so glad that I don't believe you can spoil a newborn because he spends much of our days at home in my arms, napping on myu chest or lap or in a sling/carrier while I get things done around the house. I absolutely love nursing him & am so happy to have those special moments between us.

Here are the newest pictures of my little boy, can you see the changes? Doesn't he look OLD!?
Here he us all ready for bed in a cosy sleeper on his change table, daddy STILL needs to hang that animal peg/hook thing! Isn't he a sweetie?!
He is starting to have alert periods during the day, we usually read books & play on the mat during those times, he likes his mat already...he is only semi amused by tummy time!

Finally here he is in his crib (he doesn't sleep there & so the bumpers are still up). He got that cute personalized bear from one of my sister's friends! Look at his cheeks! I want to eat them! ha


I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

It's amazing to think he is that big and still supposed to be inside you! Makes me think about how my little boy must look inside me right now.

Laura said...

I am so jealous!! My due date is fast approaching... Setp 4th and I can not wait. The pics of your precious baby are getting me so excited!

What kind of sling carrier are you using? I have a few ready to go... a moby wrap a few different slings and a Mei Tai carrier. I am excited to try them out... I am a big believer in babywearing :)

Scullyhoyy said...

He is getting bigger:) Keep up the good work!!