Monday, October 4, 2010

Big Boy Bed!

Logan has never been a real fan of his crib. I don't think he loved beign confined, since he will sleep well on his own in the guest room on the big bed in there.
For that reason I always thought we would move him to a toddler bed a little early.
Given that I was still pretty shocked when at 14 months he started trying to escape his crib.
After a few attempted escapes that left him literally hanging on the top rail unable to get down or back into the crib and him terrified screaming and me terrified he would fall and be seriously injured we decided the crib days were over.
He has been sleeping in the guest room for a while, but since that is also his toy room its caused a problem. He often wakes at 2am and starts playing with his light up musical toys.
The guest room will eventually be his big boy room, but not until we get the basement finsihed, probably in 2 years or so.
So we decided it was time to convert the crib!

He seems to be interested in it anyways!
He quickly put a few of his stuffed animals in there and climbed in himself!

And he can safely get out by turning around and going backwards

And he even took his nap in it this morning! We won't work on bedtime just yet but hopefully he can get used to naps in there for now!
We need to finish totally baby proofing the room (or toddler proofing I guess!) and I think
we are going to get a baby gate for at the doorway like we have in the playroom in case he wakes up I don't want him wondering thru the house while we are asleep!
I can't believe my little baby who was JUST BORN, is in a big boy bed, my heart can't take this!


Jillian said...

I can't believe that!! Emerson loves her crib and I want to keep her there forever:) Way to go L!!

Jen said...

I fear this day....and what it will do to our night time routine.

KCB said...

Yay! What a big change! I'm very nervous about moving Little Rocker into his big boy bed, but I know we'll have to do it soon with Monkey Man nearly here.