Thursday, October 14, 2010

Potty Time?!

We have decided to go ahead and let Logan get aquinted with the potty! We are taking it very very slow, he is just under 15 months!
I took the potty out about a month ago because Logan started to make it clear when he was or was going to pee or poop. And so I thought OK why not?!
At first we had success with poops because its very obvious when Logan is going poop!
SO we just take him to the potty and set him there and read him a story and he goes! I know this is ME initiating the potty and not him but I figure it at least helps him to associate the potty and when he "goes".
Today he woek from his nap with a dry diaper so I put him on the potty and sat with a book and after just a few minutes he peed! (He has peed before but only with a poop!). I did the big dance and clap thing and he looked at me like I was nuts! LOL. I think I will continue to put him on the potty upon waking just to try and encourage potty related success.


Mitzi G. said...

That is awesome; getting a head start is not a bad thing especially if he is taking to it!!!

Jillian said...

More power to you girl!! I am not starting until 2 for potty training!