Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Perfection & outrage...

Again no picture! Just a quick thought I wanted to share!

I came across this article online this morning. I am truly outraged by this persons ignorance. I am overweight, and although I do not see myself as obese on some little chart somewhere I just may be. And although I know a healthier lifestyle is what I need, getting to that point is a journey. I most certainly do not need some so called "wrtier" to tell me that "obesity is something that most people have a ton of control over", she clearly is an expert on the topic. I guess this women is perfect since she can be so judgemental towards the rest of the world. I see that she has added a insincere, I am sure madated apology that I find no comfort in.

And this is a bit out of character for me but I most add that I am not surprised that with this type of degrading and condescending attitude "she is in her thirties and never been in love before". Perhaps she needs an attitude change before she can find love. Les is overweight too, and I find it extra hurtful that she would be "grossed out" by seeing us kiss eachother, at least I have love, complete with our imperfections!


Jillian said...

This is the second blog I have seen this article on!

Scullyhoyy said...

Well whoever this person is can suck a fat one. & with her attitude she will never find love & be a lonely old hag no one will want to be friends with. I can't stand people like that.