Wednesday, September 29, 2010

14 months

Logan, you are just over 14 months! You are such a big boy! Daddy and I no longer have a baby you remind us daily that you are now a toddler! You are strong and independent and oh so smart. You understand so much for your young age!

You follow short and simple commands such as "Get a book" or "get your shoes" or "give this to daddy"

You are so inquisitive, you love vaccuming, and the vaccum, HAS to be on. As soon as you are doen eating you go and get the vaccum and clean up!

You still love bathtime and when I say "Logan its time for a bath" you run to the tub and try to climb in with all your clothes on! You like me to leave the water running so you can stick your head under the faucet! Your our little fish!

We started you in swimming lessons and you do SO WELL! Your teacher says you are very advanced with your floating and putting your face in the water.

You take gymnastics classes and you run and clinb and jump and have a great time.

You like to talk these days! You are even starting to put more words together, however you WILL NOT talk on demand, only when you have something to say. Words/short phrases you say:

1. mama
2. dada
3. gama (grandma)
4. Kitty
5. baba (bottle)
6. bye
7. hi
8. ta eww (thank you) You started saying this on your own when we give you things! :)
9. where's ??? (ex war dada, war mama?)
10. ball
11. wasat? (whats that?) you point to EVERYTHING and ask this all the time!
12. again
13. No (complete with head shake)

Even things that you can't say you communicate to us very well. You make this funny little scrunched up face and kinda sniff real fast while opening and closing your hands towards whatever it is that you want.
You have started to climb. You climb easily onto and off of the couches and beds. You have attempted to climb out of your crib but end up stuck on the top rails and get scared. You pull larger toys over to shelves and counters to try to get higher!

You are a great little eater. You eat just about everything. Your favourite foods are cheese, watermelon, grapes, yogurt, and chicken. But you are not too picky, I hope it stays that way!

You are a social bug, just like your daddy. You love to be out and about and you love people, especially other kids!
You like to stand in the front window and watch for the neighbour kids to get home from school, when they do you get all in huff and want to go outside to play with them.

You walk and run everywhere now, its the cutest!

You are very affectionate, you hug and kiss everything. And you blow kisses to, complete with a "muah" sound!

You LOVE getting your feet rubbed, you will come and sit with us and put your foot in our hand to get us to massage them.

You LOVE grandma so much, and thats a good thing because you have sleepovers there when mommy and daddy have to work.

You still usually take 2 naps a day and you sleep pretty good at night for 10-12hrs, you usually sleep with mommy & daddy, which we love. We know when you are ready you will go to your own bed.

We love you so much Logan, you make us smile and laugh everyday. You are so pure and curious, you have shown us what real joy is.

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