Monday, September 27, 2010

Randoms and THE Book progress!

With two nurses as parents perhaps a career in medicine is in Logan' s future?
His doctor kit is certainly one of his favourite toys of late!
I am in the middle of a week off from work. I needed it! We have been pretty busy with activities all weekend, but these next few days I am usign to relax and spend some
quality time with my boys.
Since Thursday Logan has been miserable. Just not himself. Well, his first set of molars are
braeking thru! At least I know why he has been feverish and down right cranky.
Poor guy must be so uncomfortable. It seems he is a bit better yesterday & today but still not 100%. I ams strongly considering getting one of those amber teething necklaces. Anyone know
anything about them? The store here that carries them is closed till tomorrow. I figure with
how much misery he is in I will try anything (short of whiskey on the gums!)
I have a few excitng things in the works at the moment that I will be able to share soon (I hope). Some are blog relateed, some personal (we are NOT expecting, although I am starting to wish we could add to the family sooner then later I just feel we are not ready) and some work related. Thanks for the kind words in the comments of my last post. I know that with prayers and perserverence we will be just fine!
I have really been working hard on Logan's book. I am still just over half way thru but I am so
proud of it! I just finished the Disney page, which puts me in March. 4 more months to complete.
I have also been working on his 2nd year book at the same time. I am not 100% caught up but don't feel super behind either. Which is great.
Here are a few of my latest layouts. I really think I am getting better as I go. I can't wait to have the actual hard cover in my hands!

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