Thursday, September 23, 2010

Logan's First Birthday Party! (better late then never) *additions made!

I know its ridiculous, on the eve of his 14th month I am FINALLY posting his party pics. In my defense I didn't get the photos back until just a few weeks ago!

It was totally worth the wait!
Our theme was a friendly pirate 1st birthday! I wanted everything to be fun and bright. I came across some commercial pirate things last fall on clearance, which led to our theme decision.
I am not huge on "boxed" commercial parties. I only bought a few peices and decided
to make the rest to make it unique and personal. We went with a blue & red colour scheme. I am thrilled with how everything turned out!

Photos by Tracie Gignac of Focal Point & Hebert Studio photography

Let's start with the invitation, I designed on photoshop:

My very happy birthday boy, was such a wonderful guest of honour!
Birthday Banner I made! So happy with it!

"ONE" high chair banner I made, as well as his high chair set up.

Logan's bib

"1" birthday hat!

pirate chair!

Logan's absolutely perfect birthday outfit! I got it from the etsy store bloomingbabies

utensils with birthday pirate tags made using "stickers" and photoshop.
I think small personal touches like this really help to "make" a party.

Door banner again using coordinating paper from banner/centrepeices and "stickers"

Entry way with paper poms!

Centrepieces, tall glass vases with blue and red glass stones and pirate themed pictures,
these were made in photoshop using digital stickers and coordinating paper with the banner and door sign.

Favour table. The adults got pirate sugar cookies (in basket) and a photo of Logan in his birthday outfit. Kids got the pirate chests inside were packages of animal crackers, ring pops, temporary pirate tattoos, bubbles, bouncy ball, pirate pencil and several gold coins.

For toddlers there were gifts to the left, a package of goldfish crackers and a board book. One special gift for a friend with allergies.

Sugar cookie favours. You can see the parrot to the right! Again, the pirate on the tag coordinated with the invites and other decor.

Cake! It was delicious, top layer was red velvet, middle mocha and bottom vanilla.

Cake set up with cake smash poster to right.

cupcakes I made!

Double purpose gift/centrepiece little people pirate ship!

Slushies, adult and kiddie versions, pop and water bottles, and of course cotton candy!

Personalized water bottles I made!

Close up of text on water bottle, the other side was a pirate!

Craft station, make your own pirate sword! this was a HUGE hit!

Bouncy castle, all the kids loved it, except Logan he was terrified!

Gift table for our lucky boy! So blessed!

Our little family!

Cake time!


It was such a wonderful day! I still can't belive my baby is one!

Now I have to figure out what to do with all this pirate stuff! LOL
(edited I found another mama on the bump planning a pirate party for her sweet boy,
and so I packaged it all up from the banner (sans Logan's name) to the centrepeices and decor. And snail mailed it to her! Hope her boy has an amazing first birthday too!

I really wanted Logan's party to be special. I wanted it to be fun and for everything to be unique. I started with a few commerical items and worked hard to personalize it along the way.
I did all of the stationary myself. I wanted a cute pirate theme, I wanted it to be very childish and not scary at all. I bought a pack of digital "stickers" from Designer Digitals for $4.50. I had never worked with these before but it was super easy (using the instructions on their site). I used photoshop as well as microsoft publisher to do the designs. I then used the stickers again on Logan's scrapbook pages for the party. This was my first step in switching to digital scrapbooking. Any other questions please feel free to ask!


Bekah said...

ADORABLE! I love it! We are in the throes of planning Jacks party...its tough! I love all the coordination! What did you use to make the banner?

Sonya said...

I love it! You did a great job with the friendly pirate theme! I can't believe you designed all of that yourself!