Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sleep as we knew it

Just look at how sweet and peaceful L is when he sleeps! I would love to see more of this!

It seems that the sleep we used to have was just s trick, or maybe a phase....whatever it was I would like it back! Logan has always been a pretty good sleeper, I am really hoping something has been "off" these last few days that is causing all this unusual trouble!
In the beginning we coslept, this wasn't the plan, but it happened and it worked for us. I loved it. At 7/8 weeks we started a slow transition to hsi room, he was just ready for a bedtime. We initiated our routine and he started goign down drowsy but awake. For the first few weeks he would come back in our bed after his first feed. Then I realized that I was trying to nurse him while he was sleeping, in reaction to a noise he made. Slowly his night feeds got further apart, and so he was in his room all night long.
Just before 4 months Logan gave me 3 weeks of sleeping thru the night, and then the 4 month wakeful hit...and awake we were. He was waking a ton, I think 9-11 times was our highest count, but still *most nights he woke, nursed and immediatley went back to sleep. After that tough period we got back into a routine of him typically waking 2-3 times a night, generally he goes down between 7 & 8:30 pm, sometimes he wakes to nurse at 11pm, then 2:30, then 6 then up for the day between 8 & 9...many nights he skipped wither the 11 or 2 am feed. He didn't STTN and I was OK with that. at 6 he would come in our bed and nurse and sleep for a few more hours.
This past week something has changed....L has decided the best place to sleep is in my arms. Now he has felt this way about naps for sometime, we still need major help in that area. However at night, that is a different story. I think maybe part of the problem is that the little bum is so sleepy I am not always making it to drowsy but awake, he falls asleep to fast. His routine has also been a bit off. He just wakes up screaming, freaking out, nothign calms him except me picking him up (and I mean ME, not his daddy, if Les picks him up he screams louder). As soon as he is in my arms he smiles at me and snuggles into my bossom and is asleep. It melts my heart, but I can't handle this.
I tried a slight CIO going in soothing without picking him up, going in every 2 minutes etc. He cried so hard he started choking and then I lost it. And so for the last few ngihts I have been going to bed with him and letting him sleep with us all night. I am not totally against cosleeping, I just feel like starting it back up at 6 months is a step backwards. Yet my heart is torn because if something is wrong and he needs his momma I want to be there. I am going to get the No Cry Sleep Solution Book and try for some tips. I am not saying I never want him in our bed occasional nights are more then welcome its just that none of us sleep very well while he is in there, especially me, since he wants me to cradle him all night....
Then again he had his shots this week, and we are starting solids and he has a little cold. SO maybe things will settle on their own, a girl can hope right? Tonight, although he went to bed late I put him in his crib dorwsy but awake. Actually tired but awake. ANd he fussed for like 2 minutes then played with his lovey a bit and fell asleep...that was 2 hours ago, mayeb we are our way back to sleep as we knew it (gotta go find soem wood to knock now....)

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I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

oh that really is tough. Maybe once he's feeling better things will work out again!