Friday, January 8, 2010

Show us your life-New Years Resolutions

In honour of this post here is a photo of L and I on New Year's Eve coming home super late from a fun family friendly party, he was such a trooper!

I have yet to sit and write out my resolutions, sure I have them in my head & I have even KINDA started to work at them, but maybe by writing them out I will be all that more committed. So since Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is sharing I thought I would too. Head over there and be inspred by some other's 2010 Goals!

1. Be a better wife and mommy. Although most days I think I am doing pretty good with the mommy part I have my days of frusturation. Its tough some days when I don't even get a shower because Logan will not let me put him down and then I feel burnt out, that makes me feel guilty. I want to try to have a better attitude. I can definetly work on my marriage. Les and I are still very much in love but this has been a tough year between the pregnancy, bedrest & adjusting to becoming parents.

2. Get on a budget. Although we are OK financially I feel like there is a ton of room for improvement. For both Les and I shopping is a bit of recreation and we spend a lot of money on stuff. Stuff we don't really need. We had to purchase a new vehicle and I am really hoping to return to work on a very part time basis. There are a lot of to-do's around the house too. I want to read Dave Ramsey's book and put us on a good budget!

3. Get healthy. This includes not only losing weight but living a healthier lifestyle all together. I want to cook healthy meals for our family instead of eating out so much. I also want us all to be active together. Les & I both have weight to lose, and we both come from over weight families we went to lay good foundations for Logan.

4. To pump twice a day and build up a freezer stash. I had a good stash but between my surgery & leaving L overnight with my mom its gone. I need to feel like i have back up.

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