Saturday, January 23, 2010

Food for thought

With the 6 month mark looming (tomorrow!!) solids have been on my mind of late. I fully intended on delayign any solids at all and EBF for the full 6 months, however just after 5 months L was really showing signs of being ready and so we offered cereal. The plan on was to offer it once a day and he could eat or not, whichever. For a while he ate and gobbled it up, and then he decided he hated it completely. He opens his mouth with excitement, and as soon as he realizes what I have given him he gags and cries and then will not open again. And so for the last week I haven't even really been offering it. I firmly believe that food assocations start in infacy, I do nto want him to be force fed, to be made to finish his plate or to associate meal time with displeasure. This led me to doing a lot of reading.....

The first site that I came across was wholesomebabyfood, it is a plethera of knowledge. I liked what it said, I felt good about it. I decided I would make all of L's purees, I am not a big fan of commerical babyfoods anyways. I want him to move to new tastes quickly, I am hoping to nourish him and encourage him to have a broad palate. So one Sunday evening I went to work in preperation of this week.....

I steamed many my veggies, and even some fruit. While other fruit I baked, still some things I roasted. All of the "recipes" I followed were from wholesomebabyfoods. I saved the extra fluid...

And into the food processor it went, adding liquid as required to reach the right consistency...

And then into ice cube trays it went, once frozen I transfered my little cubes into labelled freezer bags, after just a few hours of work we ended up with sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, green beans, apples, peaches, pears and mango. I felt so proud and like I was doing what was best....
And then L started gagging and hating the cereal. I felt like I was forcing something, I questioned myself, is he ready? Yet he continued to be so interested in MY food. So I mashed some banana into his cereal, he did a bit better with it, but still he was reaching for the spoon, he wanted to do it himself. I left the bowl on his tray and he dug in, with is hands, I think he ate more that way then when I tried to spoon feed again I started reading.
I had heard about baby-led weaning and didn't really think much about it, I thought it was weaning, not I did some reading here.
I like this theory, it feels right. Tonight, on the eve of L's 1/2 year birthday I gave him an offering of broccoli and he picked it up and nawed and sucked and did super well with it. Dr. Jack Newman reccomends a similar approach to solids. I am still breast feeding 6-8 times a day, some days only 5 tho. I am trying not to worry about my supply, he is acting satisified and nourished, he is active, alert & meeting his milestones. I have ordered the BLW book, and feel really good about this. Now my only slight concern is if our DR is OK with this. I really hope he is. Its awful that I am considering not even talking to him about this, I am so afraid he will shoot it down and then Les won't be OK with it.....I guess we will see what happend Monday!
I am trying hard to be a momma and not a nurse to not worry about the 4 day wait......there are no allergies in our families. I am still sticking to veggies and fruits and the already introduced cereals. I am avoiding the common allergens. I never realized how much stress something so small can cause one momma!
Do any of you do BLW or have any other info on it? I would be really curious. I plan on continuing to breastfeed for at least a year, thats when I go back to work (I am next to tears at the thoguht of that...). And at that point I would like to continue breastfeeding in the evenings and night time. Hopefully this all works out for us.
EDIT** I wanted to add a few other links I have found very informative on this BLW process, firs this blog has a ton of info, its just momma's trying otu the same thing and this blog is one momma's experience with her babe.


Kitty said...

What is BLW? I have an almost 4 month old and will be learning about solids in a few months.....would love to learn more from you on this.

Kitty said...

Thanks for the info!! (And I'm glad you became a follower!) :) When you say put soft fruits and mean cooked ones so they are softer, or just ripe ones (fruits) and cooked veggies? Is it a theory that is not for purees or are purees a part of it? Just trying to follow. We were given one of those nice baby good makers from Williams Sonoma....not even sure everything it does but I know it does it all in one machine... :)
Well have a great Sunday.

Jillian said...

That is the BEST website for baby food! It is the one I use!!! And someone once told me you don;t have to go organic just natural!! Which means no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, nothing added!! So even though my fruit and veggies aren't organic at least I know that peas and nothing else but peas and water were going into her food!

Robyn said...

Hi Sar
I found your blog just tonight, and have just finished reading it from the very beginning. It was really interesting and entertaining. You have a beautiful family! You never posted about Calvin's reaction to meeting L for the first time, you were so worried about it! -Robyn

Jacqueline and Andy said...

We have more or less followed baby led weaning. Around 5.5 months we gave Roscoe a spoon dipped in a banana "smoothie" (breastmilk and banana puree), and let him go to town. We would offer him chunks of food (a quarter of an apple, a hunk of crusty bread) and let him enjoy exploring it on his own terms--he really didn't ingest any of it. Around 6 months we began to offer him homemade purees but we never spoon fed him, we always just coated the spoon and he fed himself. He really was very good at it! He wasn't "ready" for solids until about 6.5 months. At that point he was too impatient to lick a coated spoon so we started feeding him. He only ever eats what he wants. Around 7 months he started feeding himself cheerios, and anything else that we break into pieces and put in front of him.

In an effort to preserve our breastfeeding relationship, which is also really important to me, I would nurse him before offering solids--that way he was filling up on the more nutritious stuff but still having a chance to try new tastes and textures.

I'm not sure that it's technically BWL but our approach has been to follow his lead, and to view solids as just another means to explore his environment and an activity that we can enjoy together...not so much for nutrition or sustenance.

He's 8.5 months now and we're still happily breastfeeding. He eats a ton as far as solids go, but if he didn't that would be ok too.

Have fun with your little one and enjoy making all that baby food!