Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Water Baby

I have been a terrible blogger, once again. We went away on our first family trip last week & had an awesome time. Since then we have been busy with all of the winter activites I signed us up for, more about that soon!

We decided on a last minute trip to an indoor waterpark, Kalahari in Ohio. Its about 2 & 1/2 hours from here by car. We got a great deal & went with a friend of mine, her husband & their 3 year old. I was nervous as L has never been swimming and I thought if he didn't like it things would be rough. Well, he LOVED it! He is a little water baby!

Here are my two men! I love this photo, I think its one of the best pictures I have of the two of them. We drove an hour out of our way on the way home (which meant over 3 & 1/2 hours to get home!) just to go eat at the Cheesecake Factory. Let me tell you it was SO worth it. I would drive that far just to eat there is Les would let me! We had lettuce wraps, corn fritters & susage & cheese stuffed olives to share (oh my it was amazing!) and then of course the cheesecake...Les had white chocolate caramel macademia nut and I had red velvet (AWESOME! serisously). My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

We spent some time in the arcade workign hard to win Logan a keepsake (we should have just taken teh $$ to the gift shop but it was fun!). Logan was all snuggled in my ring sling, I LOVE that thing!

He fell asleep and was so cozy in there! I can't believe he still fits in there that way!Look at those little feet stickign out! melt my heart.

Isnt' he so cute!? I had to use the opportunity to dress him tropoical even tho it was just a pretend paradise!

Here is our little family on our first vacation. Logan did pretty well, if we could afford it I would head off some place tropical for real!

We brought the pack & play which Logan slept in for some of the night but he found the hotel bed much more comfy! les and I were looking forward to EACH sleeping in our own queen size bed and instead I had a bedmate afterall!

Look at that smile! I just love this little boy so much. Here he is at a lunchtime break in the room

My little fish fell asleep both days in my arms while we were tubeing on the lazy river. I just stayed on it and went around like 4 times. He was awake a few times when we went thru it and we went under a few waterfalls, he just laughed! He is hilarious.

Here's daddy and Logan, he was getting sleepy here. His swimsuit was SO cute, I forgot to get a pic of it without the life jacket, we are super safety freaks especially when it comes to water & carseats!
Daddy floating Logan in the water, he loved this so much, jsut kicked and floated! I can't wait to get him in swimming lessons!
Daddy tried to put him on a tube for pics and he wasn't a big fan at all! The tears were gone as soon as daddy picked him up tho!

Here he is floating away! He was in the pool for a long time on our full day there, from about 10am-5ish PM with a short lunch break. I just nursed right beside the pool I don't think anyone even noticed!

Momma & Logan in the wave pool. Notice how I strategically placed Logan in front of me to try and hide my awful body, which is certainly a work in progress, much progress is still needed.

haha I love this pic! Logan is ALWAYS picking things up with his feet, I think its hilarious.

Here is my happy little monkey playing before bed! These are two of his favourite toys, his winkle & his links
We had such a great time, it was a nice break and a nice family recharge it can be so hard in the day to day grind to appreciate one another and all of our many many blessings.


Jillian said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun!! And Emerson loves her winkle (is that what they are called?)

Mitzi G.!! said...

That is so great that he loved the water & that you guys got to get away for a bit!! You have a beautiful family :)

The Adviser said...

Very sweet boy! Check out "Kids" or "Mud or Stars" and tell me what you think.