Monday, January 18, 2010

A bit of routine...

It wasn't all that long ago that I talked about L's routine, but its changed since then, everything is changing so quickly with him! With 6 months fast approaching I suspect it will change up again so I will talk about how we do things now, on a typical day (which is rare!).

Logan wakes up between 5 & 7am to nurse, he comes into our bed then and we all fall back asleep. We are up for the day between 8 & 9 am.

Logan is not hungry right away so we do playtime. He is rolling and doign much better with tummy time so he is pretty content to play with his toys while I get coffee & breakfast & make his cereal.
Around 9:30/10:00 am Logan gets his cereal, he eats 1-2 TBSP of rice cereal in the morning, his favourite part is drinking water from his sippy cup. This is my mom, feeding him here.

After cereal its nap time, sometimes he nurses a bit first but not typically. He sleep from about 10:15 to 11ish, usually 30-45 minutes. He sleeps best with someone (like daddy here!) or in my arms. Very rarely can I get him to nap in his crib.

After his nap we play and read stories for a bit. Around 12:00pm I have my lunch and Logan often gets a baby mum mum to keep him busy during that time, so I can eat a bit!
Around 12:30/1:00pm Logan nurses and has another nap. If we are home he usually only naps 30-45 minutes. Often in my arms or in our bed. We are working on this! If we are out and he is in the stroller or car he will nap and hour or two.

After his nap its playtime, and probably a little TV time too! He nurses again about 2:30 pm, although he has been skipping this or nursing less at this time lately!

Around 5pm Logan nurses again and an hour or so later around 6pm he eats his cereal. He usually makes a pretty big mess, he loves playing with his food and trying to feed himself.
After dinner he gets a bath right away, I mentioned he gets messy. He loves his bath and splashes and plays away! Its so cute, he's so happy in there!

After his bath we go int he nursery for a diaper, lotion/massage and fresh PJs, if he's too fidgety we get dressed in the livingroom. I put on in the night garden and he winds down by watching that & snuggling hsi lovey. While he is doing that I clean up his cereal mess & maybe work on dinner. After his show we read a few stories in the livingroom till he seems sleepy, then its off to bed. I read him "Good Night Moon" in the rocker, then dim the lights turn on his sound machine to Ocean AND turn on his lullabyes. He nurses and snuggles a bit, I sing a special song to him and say prayers over him and then lay him down with Monkey & Sammy the seahorse. Doesn't he look so peaceful? I love him more then words.

Thats our day, although most day s we have stuff going on we are still pretty much in this routine. He is so much fun!

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Francis&Justin said...

that picture of him in the bathtib is adorable!