Friday, January 29, 2010

Baby Led Weaning:Our Choice

Les and I have really been debating about this solid business. I got the book "baby led weaning" and I still feel that this is just right for us. However, after visitng with the doctor last week Les has some reservations. Our doctor's main concerns are allergies and choking. Well as far as allergies go, we are not introducing highly allergic foods and there are zero food allergies in any family. However, Les is Logan's daddy too and so I agreed we would move forward with the purees I made, a new one every 3 days for at least a month. And so we started first we sweet potato and then avocado which went, well like this....

He HATES it, he hates when I try to feed him, he hates the texture (I am convinced) he screams and fights. Is that how a baby should be fed? Is that the type of relationship I want him to develop with food?

And then he started doing this....not sure if you can tell but he is standing on the foot rest, arching his back, in this particular photo his jaw is clamped shut, although I assure you there is screaming involved. Its like he is trying to escape the torture.

The only way to get him to eat "mush" is to just give him the bowl and spoon, it gets pretty messy but he does eat some of it.

He tries pretty hard to get the spoon in his mouth too! Its pretty darn cute, in my opinion!
Les and I still debated a bit, still both wanting to make the best decision for L. This is until he full on choked on some mush. When I tried table food we had no choking, a little gagging but nothing as scary as the much incident. And the screaming and fighting I can't do. And so we have decided BLW it is, and I am glad it just feels right. I am not sure we will always be 100% BLW I am sure he will get some purees, he does like apples and pears etc, and I am sure when we are eating eat I will help him eat more then you are supposed to.
And so we have taken a step forward with BLW and trusting our own instincts, well mine anyways....
The first thing I presented him with was a piece of apple and a chunk of banana. He mushed up the banana and maybe even ate a little. And then he banged the apple up a little before giving it a good suck.

Up next was some broccoli, now this was a hit! He knew just what to do what it. And despite his sweet toothless littel mouth he bite and chewed the super soft pieces before swallowing them!

Look mom! One hand! He liked the top "tree" parts best!

And then since we were havign spaghetti squash for dinner, so did Logan! Along with some sliced avocado.

HE still gets a little mixed up with which part of his hand to get in his mouth, be I assure some did make it in him!

I think he's even working on his pincher grasp! Still aways to go with it, but I am confident BLW will help!

No tears until he let us know he was done! It was fun to play and eat and explore!

I think he preferred teh squash, however the avocados went over much better this way then as a puree!

I feel like in this photo he is saying "Thanks mom"

I still have reading to do but for now we are limiting his food to soft cooked veggies & fruit. I don't feel like he is ready for much more, maybe in a month or so. I will keep a record of how this all goes!

He just loves water. He does pretty good with a sippy cup but much prefers a big boy cup. Of cousre he needs our help and dribbles a bit but he really does well with it!

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I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

I am soo glad you wrote all this. I am looking forward to starting food in a bit and I love seeing how things go for you guys. Gives me some new things to consider for us.