Sunday, April 3, 2011

Big Boy Room!

Bedtime at our house has started to be a real joy! Really! Logan goes to sleep so well these days! We have a pretty solid routine down, although I am SO thankful that our boy is super flexible and also does awesome if out late, or sleeping at grandma's, with a babysitter etc. He really is a joy theses days, a busy joy but a true joy!

If you remember we moved L into a toddler bed back in October. He did OK with this transition but has always preferred the big double bed in the playroom. And so I decided not to fight it, that would be his room one days anyways. And he doesn't wake up and play in the night anymore either!!

We don't have a set bedtime, I follow his ques, usually between 8&9pm he goes down. I tell him its time for "nah nahs" and to give daddy a kiss. He runs over and kisses Les and then takes my hand and we go to his room. Sometimes he even coesm and asks me to put him to bed by pulling on my hand and saying nah. So we go down the hall and he climbs into bed.....he looks like this!

He MUST have his baby and "Buddy" which is BOTH Woody and Buzz dolls. He also needs his "B" which is his train blanket and his guk. Strangely he doesn't carry any of these items around during the day, and he settles OK at my mom's with a different set of items but at home he asks for these! Then we read 3 book picuted above in the same order each night! The first one was a gift from a great friend, its called "bedtime" I think its really helped with our bedtime routine! Its talks abotu how bedtime is a happy time and how your safe and snug in bed etc. Then we read "mommy's best kisses" which just a really sweet and cute book and then I say "mommy is reading one more book then we are turning out the lights and going to sleep". I read the ever popular "goodnight moon" and then turn out the light. We then say our prayers and I sing 2 lullabyes. I do stay with him until he is asleep, I sit beside him and rub his back or hold his hand. The whole "process" from when we enter the room to me leaving is about 20 minutes, and they are precious. I am so grateful for this time with him each night!

Rarely he sleeps the entire night by himself without waking. Some nights I go in and give him hsi guk and he settles (not sure HOW we are ever going to part with that!!). many nights one of us ends up falling asleep with him while settling him in the night, and sometimes he comes into our room. This is rare, but I cherish mornings with the 3 of us snuggled in bed!!

We have decided that for L's 2nd birthday (in LESS then 4 months!) we will re-do his big boy room. I was going to wait until the basement was finished (in a few years) so that we could move the toys downstairs, but we decided to go ahead with it. We will be using his nursery furniture and so the nursery (which will be left the same decor or baby #2) will be pretty much empty, so we will move his toys into there for now. And if baby #2 comes before the basement is done he or she will be in with us for the first while anyways!

I have started to pick up items for L's room and below is the idea board for his room. I bought the bedding shown for a great price. We are just going with a classic boy theme, sports, cars, planes, trains, etc. The walls will be a light blue with one striped wall behind his bed. I am happy with the feel of everything so far and can't wait to get really working on it! Any ideas to add?

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Mitzi G. said...

That is so wonderful that he is sleeping so well in his big boy bed; B doesn't try to get out of his crib that often anymore & other than our incident this past weekend I don't see switching him anytime soon. However when he is ready I hope he takes to being a big boy well :)