Friday, April 22, 2011

Pretend Play

These past few weeks Logan has been such a little ham!

His personality it errupting! When we are home we see it most he just loves to be the centre of attention (he gets that from his daddy!)

Sometimes when we are out he is a but more reserved and observent, but after a little time he warms up and let lose.

He is turning into a boy, and he's ALL boy! We went to a play place last week and he wanted to be with the "kids" and he did a big slide all by himself like it was nothing! He went down backwards on his belly and didn't even want me to catch him!

His vocabulary is expanding rapidly, he is able to communicate with us very well. He learns new words daily. I want so badly for him to say "I love you" but he just won't!! Stinker

Some new words are baby, please (which he will now say without prompting), girls, help and milk. I would say he has 70-80 words currently.
He has a train table that he got from his Aunti Niki and he LOVES it he plays with it every day!

The newest and cutest activity is pretend play. It started some time ago when he woudl bring me a coffee from his play kitchen or push his baby in the stroller. Tonight however was the best so far! Tonight he took his baby and used the babys hand to pretend to pull on a cupboard he was making exaggerated moaning noises like it was difficult. Then he said "help baby help" then he said "me". Next he used his free hand to easily open the cupboard for the baby!
It was soo sweet.

He has also been falling in a very dramatic exaggerated manner, then laying on the ground and groaning liek he was trying to get up and saying help help! haha what a drama boy!

I am just having so much fun being his mama these days!


Sew.What. said...

Aww that's too cute. Aiden is just starting this. He hasn't done much pretend play, but now I can't wait! He won't say "I love you" either. If you say "I love you" he will blow a kiss though. That's something, right? lol

Mitzi G. said...

We can't get an "I Love You" to save our lives; he has only said it once & it was to Lance & not me so I REALLY want to hear it soon :)

B. said...

Hey there! I just came via your comment over at my place! Great blog, super cute little man. I love your idea for different sizes, I will definately work that in! If you have any measurements that you think would work, I would love the suggestion! Thanks for stopping by!