Friday, December 18, 2009

Warm & safe!

I had a terrible time deciding just how I was going to keep Logan both safe & warm this cold winter season. I considered all of my options carefully and had decided on a bundle me, they looked so warm & cozy & I thought safe. Then I found this. It brought me to tears, read the whole story behind sweet Kyle & their mission, it will make you think totally differently about carseats. I can tell you for sure Logan will be in a 5 point restraint for as long as possible! They had many great suggestions on how to keep my little man toasty. We went with 2 of the choices.

First we got him a fleece jackets with fold over hands to act as built in mittens, we got it from a Columbia outlet for around $15. Its so cute & polar fleece so I know he's warm! Thats great for when we are getting out of the car as well!

Then my favourite purchase, after much search and debate I had a carseat poncho custom made for him. I thought about attempting to make one myself but I am not brave enough (if you have some sewing skills I think it would be possible!) I picked out the fabric and specifications. It was a little pricey, but no more so then other less safe options. And in my opinion you can't put a price on your baby's life!

I wanted an animal print, to match Logan's jungle theme. I love how versatile the poncho is. I can put him in the carseat then put it on him, I can take it off easily or undo it while in the car without affecting the straps of the carseat. Also, since we may have toi move to a convertible before winter is out I can take Logan out of the carseat & he can wear the poncho. Bigger kids can even walk around with it. I put an extra hat underneath & a pair of mitten and we are all set!

Here's my littel guy in double layers of fleece ready for the Canadian Cold!
Here he is trying it out for the first time. I got it from Sara at her etsy store
If Logan's poncho doesn't fit him next year we will be ordering another one for sure! Sara was great to work with, we had a few issues with shipping to Canada and in the future will have it shipped within the US and go over myself to pick it up.

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