Saturday, December 19, 2009

A letter to my son

Dear Logan,

Its late right now, really late. I just nursed you for the 3rd time since you went to bed. I savoured every single second of it. Its amazing to me how quickly time is passing, how fast you are growing. Each night as I sit in your nursery and rock and nurse you I softly sing sweet songs to you, I tell you I love you and I thank God for you. You are everything I have ever dreamed of, yet I never could picture your perfection.

You are turning into such a sweet boy. I can see your heart and personality shining thru, I know you will do great things. I often try to imagine who or what you will be as you grow, although much like when I was pregnant for you I can't eactly picture it I know it will be amazing. I promise you that I will love you, support you and encourage you for always. Remember my sweet boy you can do anything you set your heart to.

I've been thinking back to this very time last year, your daddy and I learned we were going to be parents. We couldn't have been more excited. It took every ounce of restraint to keep you a secret for almost a week, you were our Christmas present to everyone last year. This year, you are all that I need or want, you have made us so complete. As we are about to start a new year I look back at 2009 and although much of it was spent on bedrest, doing everything I could to nurture you from within it was the most exciting year ever, we got to meet you. I know that 2010 is going to bring so much more joy and happiness as we love and cherish all of your "firsts".

Your sweet smiles melts my heart. The love I have for you is like nothing I have ever experienced. I love with my entire being, I can FEEL it. I KNEW I woudl love you, I knew it would be amazing, I didn't expect it to be this intense. Yet, somehow each day this love grows. I watch you discover things, and learn to do new things and I am in awe of you, just as you are in awe with the world.

I love you the most my sweet boy,



Amy said...

Wow - you need to make a copy of this and keep it safe for him to read later. Better yet, you should read it at his wedding! I too have a son, he's 8 months old, and I completely understand what it is you're writing. It's not something easily expressed in simple words... Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts with us!! :o)

Sonya said...

He is just so handsome! Lovely letter to him!

Mitzi G.!! said...

What a beautiful letter....thank you for sharing it.

Julie said...

Keep and savor every single second of your life with you little boy, they grow up so fast. I can remember learning I was pregnant after 13 years of trying, it was amazing. Mike came into this world at 11 lbs, 24" with size 3 feet. He's now 17, almost 18, 6'4" tall, 165 lbs and size 13.5 feet and as handsome as can be.
It's am amazing journey and more to come.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, God bless you!!