Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Logan's First Christmas!

We had such a wonderful Christmas. Les was off so for the first time since we were married we were home for the holiday. Of course havign Logan just made it so magical. Last Christmas was pretty amazing, thats when we told everyone we were pregnant, even that isn't quite as perfect as this year was. I know that the older Logan gets the more fun these holidays will get.

This is our family Christmas Eve photo. We spent most of Christmas Eve with Les' parents. We went to church with them and then went back to their house for a chinese dinner. I try hard to adapt to their lack of tradition, its so different then my own childhood was and a huge contrast to what I imagine for Logan . Do you like that we are all coordinated?
Here is my little man. He was such a super star in church. Happy as can be and then he napped part way thru the mass.
Logan is all dressed up in his new Christmas PJs, here he is putting out cookies and milk for Santa!
A tradition that we are doing is on Christmas Eve he gets to open up a few gifts, one is his new PJs, this year they were a 2 peice santa set, he also gets to open his keepsake ornanment for the year. This years was a baby's first Christmas Jungle animals ornament, perfect. I have a special book where I am writing to him each year why we chose that ornament. After the cookies are out for Santa we read The Night Before Christmas together and he went to sleep.
Here is our best gift of the entire year happily under the tree! These gifts are not all for him! Les forgot to do a stocking for me and so there are only two set out there. He felt so bad. I think Logan still looks so little to me here, he looks like a tiny baby here!

This is my gift from Les and Logan. Its a white gold diamond heart pendant with yellow gold abby booties int he centre. I think its perfect, it symbolizes this year so perfectly for me. Les did so well picking this out all on his own!
Here is our little family Christmas morning. I surprised Les with a golf bag to match his new clubs. Logan is looking at his daddy, like "really its just a bag dad!"

What a happy boy! He was pretty excited Christmas morning even tho he has no idea what was going on! Christmas mornign we spent a little time just the 3 of us and then my mom & sisters came over as well as Les' parents and we had a nice brunch.
Here is my little peanut with all his gifts. Can you say spoiled?! We did not buy all of these, not even half! Logan's grandparents and aunties like to spoil him too!
Christmas Day we went to my dad's house for a big dinner, my mom even came! This was actually really nice, my parents have been divorced for 23 years and thsi was the first Christmas we didn't have to leave on to be with the other. I really think Logan helped to make this happen. We all had such a wonderful time. Logan discovered that eating the presents was much mroe fun then opening them!

Me & my little Santa baby at the end of a long and wonderful day. I can't even begin to think about next year when Les and I both have to work thru Christmas, for now I will just pretend it will be as perfect as this year was.

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Sonya said...

I love the first picture! Such a cute little family!