Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Logan is just growing and changing so quickly. He has reached a few big milestones this week! This morning he rolled from his back to his belly! I totally missed it but I know for sure it happened. I put him down on his quilt on his back with a few toys then went to tidy the kitchen & make a coffee, then I noticed some grunting so I looked into the living room and he was on his belly looking around! I knew it was coming he was getting soclose but just couldn't make it all the way! I hope he does it in front of me soon! He has been rolling belly to back inconsistently for some time. I think we better get the baby gate up sooner then later!
Logan tried cereal for the first time yesterday! He did AWESOME! I had intended on waiting till 6 months but I just really have been feeling like he is ready. He can sit up so well, he tracks us bigtime when we are eating, he is wakign more at night to nurse, and several other things. Our pedi OK'd it at 4 months and he is just over 5 now so I thought we would try it and if he didn't like it I wouldn't push it, I'm not in a rush anyways.
This is his first bite, he looked at me like, whats this? But he opened wide & swallowed.

Then he opened wide for the second bite, and every bite after that. He ate it all! He did SO well! Tonight I gave him soem again before bed, he ate it all and was screaming between bites when I took too long to give it to him!
Here it is when it was all gone, he was like, thats it mom? Just ONE tablespoon?!
Here is a little collage I put together of the last 5 months! He is growing so much. I am just so in love.


I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

OH my gosh he is adorable eating his cereal. He does have the "it's gone?" look on his face.

Ashley & Chris said...

He's growing so fast! You guys look great!